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Student Publications

Postdocs, PhD students, Project Assistants, Interns/Dissertation students


20. Irene S Khalek, RR Senji Laxme, Yen Thi Kim Nguyen, Suyog Khochare, Rohit N Patel, Jordan Woehl, Jessica M Smith, Karen Saye-Francisco, Yoojin Kim, Laetitia Misson Mindrebo, Quoc Tran, Mateusz Kędzior, Evy Boré, Oliver Limbo, Megan Verma, Robyn L Stanfield, Stefanie K Menzies, Stuart Ainsworth, Robert A Harrison, Dennis R Burton, Devin Sok, Ian A Wilson, Nicholas R Casewell, Kartik Sunagar@, Joseph G Jardine. Synthetic development of a broadly neutralizing antibody against snake venom long-chain α-neurotoxins. 2024. Science Translational Medicine.

Impact Factor: 19.319       PDF


19. Anurag Jaglan, Siddharth Bhatia, Gerard Martin, Kartik Sunagar@. The Royal Armoury: Venomics and antivenomics of king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) from the Indian Western Ghats. 2023. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules.

Impact Factor: 8.2       PDF

18. Khochare S*, Senji Laxme RR*, Jaikumar P, Kaur N, Attarde S, Martin G, and Sunagar, K. Fangs in the Ghats: preclinical insights into the medical importance of endemic pit vipers from the Western Ghats. 2023. International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

Impact Factor: 6.208       PDF

17.  Shaikh NY and Sunagar K, 2023. The deep-rooted origin of disulfide-rich spider venom toxins. elife, 12, p.e83761.

Impact Factor: 8.14       PDF



16. Sunagar K, Khochare S, Jaglan A, Senthil S and Suranse V. 2022. Stings on wings: proteotranscriptomic and biochemical profiling of the lesser banded hornet (Vespa affinis) venom. Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences. 9:1066793. 10.3389/fmolb.2022.1066793

Impact Factor: 6.113       PDF

15. Cardoso FC, Pineda S, Herzig V, Sunagar K, Shaikh NY, Jin A, King GF, Alewood P, Lewis R, Dutertre S. 2022. The deadly toxin arsenal of the tree-dwelling Australian funnel-web spiders. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 23(21):13077. 10.3390/ijms232113077.

Impact Factor: 6.208       PDF

14. Senji Laxme RR, Khochare SAttarde S, Kaur N, Jaikumar P, Shaikh NY, Aharoni R, Primor N, Hawlena D, Moran Y, and Sunagar K. 2022. The Middle Eastern Cousin: Comparative Venomics of Daboia palaestinae and Daboia russeliiToxins.

Impact Factor: 5.075       PDF

13. Suranse V, Jackson T. N. W. and Sunagar K. 2022. Contextual constraints: dynamic evolution of snake venom phospholipase A2. Toxins.

Impact Factor: 5.075       PDF

12. Attarde S, Iyer A, Khochare S, Shaligram U, Vikharankar M and Sunagar K, 2022. The preclinical evaluation of a second-generation antivenom for treating snake envenoming in India. Toxins.

Impact Factor:  5.075       PDF


11. Attarde S*, Khochare S*, Iyer A*, Dam P, Martin G and Sunagar K. 2021. Venomics of the enigmatic Andaman cobra (N. sagittifera) and the preclinical failure of Indian antivenoms in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Frontiers in Pharmacology.

Impact Factor: 5.988       PDF

10. Rashmi U*, Khochare S*, Attarde S, Senji Laxme RR, Suranse V, Martin G and Sunagar K. 2021. Remarkable intrapopulation venom variability in the monocellate cobra (Naja kaouthia) unveils neglected aspects of India's snakebite problem. Journal of Proteomics.

Impact Factor: 3.855        PDF

09. Senji Laxme RR*, Attarde S*, Khochare S*, Suranse V, Iyer A, Martin G, Casewell NRC, Whitaker R, and Sunagar K. 2021. Biogeographic venom variation in Russell’s viper (Daboia russelii) and the preclinical inefficacy of antivenom therapy in snakebite hotspots. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Impact Factor: 4.781        PDF


08. Suranse V, Iyer A, Jackson TNW and Sunagar K. 2021. Origin and Early Diversification of the Enigmatic Squamate Venom Cocktail. A Contribution to the Origin and Early Evolution of Snakes (D. Gower and H. Zaher Ed.). Systematics Association Special Volume Series. Cambridge University Press.

07. Kaur N, Iyer A, and Sunagar K. 2021. Evolution bites: Timeworn inefficacious snakebite therapy in the era of recombinant vaccines. Indian Pediatrics. (58).

Impact Factor: 1.411        PDF

06. Senji Laxme RR*, Attarde S*, Khochare S*, Suranse V, Martin G, Casewell NRC, Whitaker R, and Sunagar K. 2021. Biogeographical venom variation in the Indian spectacled cobra (Naja naja) underscores the pressing need for pan-India efficacious snakebite therapy. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Impact Factor: 4.781       PDF

05. Sunagar K*, Khochare S*, Senji Laxme RR, Attarde S, Dam P, Suranse V, Khaire A, Martin G, and Captain A. 2021. A wolf in another wolf’s clothing: Post-genomic regulation dictates venom profiles of medically-important cryptic kraits in India. Toxins

Impact Factor: 5.075        PDF


04. Senji Laxme RR, Khochare S, DeSouza HF, Ahuja B, Suranse V, Martin G, Whitaker R and Sunagar K. 2019. Beyond the ‘big four’: Venom profiling of the medically important yet neglected Indian snakes reveals disturbing antivenom deficiencies. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Impact Factor: 4.781       PDF

03. Casewell NR*, Petras D, Card DC, Suranse V, Mychajliw AM, Richards D, Koludarov I, Albulescu L-O, Slagboom J, Hempel B-F, Ngum NM, Kennerley RJ, Brocca JL, Whiteley G, Harrison RA, Bolton FMS, Debono J, Vonk FJ, Alföldi J, Johnson J, Karlsson EK, Lindblad-Toh K, Mellor IR, Süssmuth RD, Fry BG, Kuruppu S, Hodgson WC, Kool J, Castoe TA, Barnes I, Sunagar K, Undheim EAB and Turvey ST. 2019. Solenodon genome reveals convergent evolution of venom in eulipotyphlan mammals. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Impact Factor: 12.78     PDF



02. Senji Laxme RR*, Suranse V*, and Sunagar K. 2018. Arthropod venoms: Biochemistry, Ecology and Evolution. Toxicon (Special edition). 158:84-103.

*Joint first authors

Impact Factor: 3.03      PDF

01. Suranse V, Srikanthan A, and Sunagar K. 2018. Animal Venoms: Origin, Diversity and Evolution. In eLS, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd (Ed.).


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